kevin matthews pottery

Glaze2AmazePaint Your Own Pottery - Fun For Everyone! Create the memories that last!!! We now have walk-in hours on Saturday 10am to 4pm and Sunday 1pm to 6pm.

Glaze2Amaze is a fun, cool idea that includes everyone. There is no fee or artist limit for reservations so call now for availability and make your reservations (most days and nights). Whether you want to create your own gifts for others, are looking for a unique party idea or just want to enjoy an environment free of the stress of life, chill out at Kevin Matthews Pottery. Relaxation of creativity awaits you!

In the studio you will enjoy the same atmosphere and work space as artist Kevin Matthews. Customize your own party or set up a Clay Date to suit your needs. Our glaze and colors are non-toxic and lead-free. The glazes normally wash out of clothes with no stains but dress appropriately you are in a working clay studio.

There is no Studio Fee. The cost of the piece you pick covers all or your paint, use of design tools, stencils, glazing and firing (this part Kevin does for you). Call now to make reservations to paint pottery, customize your own party or make a Clay Date.

The premade ceramic pieces that you pick to paint rang from $12 on up, with most pieces being in the $12 - $21 range. All items are mid range fired for durability and are food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Your artistic piece(s) will be ready in 7-14 days to pick up and enjoy (I fire when kiln is full). This gives us the time needed to let your under-glaze fully dry, then we clear glaze them which needs to dray for another day, then they go in our kilns which fire at 2165*F for about 14 hours, then they need time to cool down slowly. So your artwork really is one of a kind, and hand made!

Glaze 2 Amaze  Paint Your Own Pottery

​See Party Packages tab for group rates!!!